Instructions to Sign In to Google Group


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PACK 190 Members Only


The Google Group is a means for the PACK to communicate and discuss. Once you sign up, you will receive messages via your normal email regarding PACK activites. You will also be able to reply to the messages directly from your normal email account. To sign up to the Google Group you must be a member of PACK 190.


To sign in:


1) Click the Google Group link on the PACK 190 Home Page







2) Click “Sign in to view this group”.








3) If you already have a Google Groups account, sign in. If not, obtain an account by selecting “Create an account”.
























4) You do not have to obtain a gmail account. You can register your normal email account by selecting “I prefer to use my current email address”.




















5) Fill out the form with your email address, password, additional information, and review the Terms of Service.


6) Once you have your account, go back and select “contact the owner” to request access. Once a PACK 190 leader sees the request he/she will accept and you will have access.


7) Now you will receive email from the PACK and can send email to the PACK from your regular email account. If you wish to access Google Groups directly you must access with the account you used to create your membership.